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Two families, struggling with scars of tragedy, are drawn together by mysterious events. A common link is uncovered that will expose previous choices and force confrontation with lurking demons of the past. Propelled on a spiritual journey seeking forgiveness, healing, and hope, is it a cruel twist of fate that brought them together or something greater? Maybe the Universe does work by design.

the film
The facts


- Angel By Thursday was filmed in Hawaii with a diverse, all locally-based cast and crew and is a true grassroots independent from conception. 

- Film's writer, producer & first-time feature director Jeff Wallace studied fire science and marine biology at the University of Hawai’i and is also a firefighter with the Honolulu Fire Department.

- Film includes the last appearance of Jimmy Borges, Hawaii’s premier entertainment legend who sang with Frank Sinatra, and that of Branscombe Richmond, a veteran Hollywood character actor with numerous credits to his name.

The mission


Director's Statement

"There was something about Angel By Thursday (ABT) that sucked me in and, ultimately, took us all on this incredible journey. Intrigued by the dynamics of family, I crafted ABT around choice and consequence of two broken families, miles apart, yet somehow linked and drawn together by tragedy. Intersecting a mother-daughter relationship shattered by drugs and two brothers marred in disability and smothered with guilt, it’s a story of forgiveness and hope, understanding and love, with a dash of mystery that brings them all together.

Is it fate? That’s for you to decide."

~ Jeff Wallace, writer/director

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